Vacuum Excavation

Advance Scanning have the latest non-destructive vacuum excavation units made by Ditch Witch. We offer these units mounted on our 4WD Trucks & trailer mounted as well to provide the right solution for your project. Our vacuum trucks are available for any location in the greater Perth region.

Vacuum Excavation

Use of vacuum excavation

Advance Scanning offer many services with our vacuum excavation units including:

  • Non-destructive utility potholing
  • Non-destructive vacuum trenching
  • Non-destructive Utility pit cleaning
  • Non-destructive excavations

Advantages of vacuum excavation

The immediate advantages of vacuum excavation is its non-destructive nature. Additional underlying advantages of this excavation technique are:

  • Limited space requirement: standard dimensioned vehicle
  • Versatility :  Vacuum tube can be pulled to different length and depths to meet excavation requirements
  • 4×4 enabled: Our trucks are 4×4 enabled making it easy to access 4wd restrained locations